This offering is a Software-as-a-Service provided to organizations that want full control over their content and the functionality that GreenRack™ provides.
Typical clients of our GreenRack™ SaaS Software-as-a-Service include our Market Value Partners, digital marketing agencies, government entities, and large organizations with a self-sufficient marketing or communications team.


  • GreenRack is software-as-a-service (SaaS) available as an annual subscription billed monthly.
  • The monthly charge is calculated based on the number of Documents that have been defined by the client Organization.
  • The minimum monthly charge is for one (1) Document.
  • Lower per document rates are applied to Organizations that commit to maintain certain minimum volumes, as per table below.
  • A 30-day FREE TRIAL subscription is available upon qualification, with a maximum of 20 Documents.


Monthly Volume
Monthly Charge
per Document
Monthly Billing
1 Document Contact Us Contact Us
20 Documents Contact Us Contact Us
100 Documents Contact Us Contact Us
500 Documents Contact Us Contact Us
1,000 Documents Contact Us Contact Us


All amounts are expressed in US Dollars.
Applicable taxes and jurisdictional withholdings and fees are extra.

The fine print:

  • For discounted prices to apply, Committed Monthly Volumes must be met or exceeded each and every month of the annual subscription period.
  • Billing is based on the high watermark (highest number) of Documents defined during the calendar month (UTC, Universal Time Coordinate).
  • Note that ‘defined Documents’ also includes Disabled and Expired Documents and their variations. Client must delete Documents to avoid charges.
  • Per Document charge does apply up to and including the month (UTC) when a Document is deleted.
  • Assumes uploaded Document Content of up to 1MB each. For larger files, each MB counts as a Document. This limitation does not apply to Document Content that is not hosted in GreenRack.
  • Assumes up to 100,000 (one hundred thousand) accesses per Document per month, anywhere in the world. Higher traffic may result in additional charges, after client is notified.
  • A Document is considered to have been accessed when the Document Information Concierge menu is displayed, or when a geo-tagged Document is pulled by an Augmented Reality browser.
  • Note that when an Augmented Reality Virtual Rack is launched, all Documents tagged in the user’s vicinity are pulled, up to the maximum specified in the browser.
  • All times are expressed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC; essentially the same as GMT).

GreenRack™ Administration

During initial setup, we will define an Administrator for your Organization. If necessary, s/he will define additional users and assign their corresponding Roles.
To simplify their login to GreenRack™, your users can simply present their existing credentials (user name and password) from Microsoft Live, Google or Yahoo!

For the purpose of controlled administration, GreenRack™ uses the following Roles:

  • Organization Administrator: has full rights; sets configuration and defaults, defines Organizational Units (OUs), creates additional users and assigns them roles.
  • Rack Administrator: sets Rack configuration and defaults, and assigns Contributors. Racks only apply to the Professional and Enterprise Editions.
  • Contributor: defines Racks, Documents and content in the OUs s/he has been given access to.
  • Analyst: can only view or export analytics data for the OUs s/he has been given access to.

The concept of Organizational Unit can be used to manage Racks and content grouped by Department, Division, Client, campaign, country/region, year, etc.
Besides control, OUs are also useful for billing chargeback and to separate analytics data.


With GreenRack™, you will be able to easily create a high-engagement mobile experience, and showcase your commitment to Innovation, Leadership and Sustainability. Let us show you how!

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