This offering is a fully managed service provided to Association organizers to help them:

  • Increase the value of the Association to its membership.
  • Make it easier for the public to locate Members and learn more about their offerings.
  • Add immediate access to a mobile audience for the Association and its Members.
  • Demonstrate technological and environmental leadership.

GreenRack™ solutions for Associations are a popular offering from our Market Value Partners.

GreenRack solutions for Associations GreenRack™ gives you leading-edge tools to promote your members, their products and services, with minimal effort and great effectiveness.


For Association Organizers

GreenRack™’s Association Package is typically offered as an annual subscription at two levels: Standard and Premium.

The Standard package includes:

  • A virtual rack with Association Information, e.g. About, Events, Membership, forms, etc.
  • A virtual rack with Member Profiles.
  • A real-time Map automatically generated from Member Profiles.
  • A Starter Pack, which includes branded Rack QR Codes, encoded NFC tags/cards/bracelets, sample eCards & smartposters, email templates, etc.

The real-time Map can be easily embedded in the Association’s website using its URL, or in printed and electronic communications using a QR Code. The Map is mobile-friendly and always up to date, as it takes the location information from the Member Profile documents.

Real-Time Map Live camera view from mobile device, with real-time augmented reality overlay showing members of the Ontario Hospital Association.

In addition to the above, the Premium package also includes an Augmented Reality world, automatically generated from location data in Member Profile documents.

Detailed access analytics by Rack and Member Profile Document are also available to the Organizer, including raw data and insightful Excel pivot tables & charts. The Premium package also includes advanced data visualization for presentations.

For Association Members

Regardless of the Association package they choose (Standard or Premium), Organizers can offer their members three Member packages:

  • Base: consists of a Member Profile document that is displayed on the Association’s Rack, List, Map, and AR World.
  • Professional: adds a Member Rack with documents that describe the Member’s offerings or featured content. The Member also receives a QR Starter Pack (branded Rack QR Codes, email templates, etc.) and an NFC Starter Pack (encoded NFC tags/cards/bracelets, sample eCards & smartposters, etc).
  • Corporate: includes analytics reports and provides for double the number of Member Offerings and twice as many NFC tags as the Pro package.

An Association may include a combination of these Member packages.

Map Hospitals Real time map in mobile device, showing members of the Ontario Hospital Association.

Note: Members that already have a GreenRack™ subscription of their own only need the Base Member package, as their Profile document could be linked to any of their existing Racks.


With GreenRack™, you will bring your Association to the next level in Innovation, Leadership and Sustainability. Let us show you how!
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