GreenRack is a platform that makes it easy for Art Galleries to:

  • Promote your artists and showcase their work
  • Extend your showroom to the digital world
  • Stay connected with your patrons and their collection
  • Engage visitors and increase sales

This offering is available as a fully managed service, including the creation, hosting and publishing of content, as well as the preparation of analytics reports.


Four types of content are typically used by Art Galleries, each one implemented as a micro website:

  • Gallery: generally used as a loyalty card to stay connected with patrons.
  • Exhibition: information about artists and artwork featured in a specific exhibition.
  • Artist: multimedia information about an artist, including bio and CV, with links to portfolio of artwork.
  • Artwork: used to provide detailed, multimedia information about the art piece, at the gallery or when the piece becomes part of a buyer’s collection.


With GreenRack™, you will bring your Gallery to the next level in Innovation, Leadership and Sustainability. Let us show you how!
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