Our Partners

Like all business ventures, GreenRack™ does not happen in isolation. Partners Hand ShakeIt incorporates the effort and knowledge of our employees, as well as building blocks from our Technology Partners and the vertical expertise of our Market Value Partners. 

Market Value Partners

Please contact us for more information about our Market Value Partner (MVP) program.

Tenet Computer Group

Tenet Group

Established in 1984, Toronto-based Tenet Computer Group Inc. is our go-to partner in Canada for IT Channel Marketing solutions built around GreenRack.


Technology Partners

A big benefit from using GreenRack™ is the way it enables organizations to take advantage of the latest emerging technologies without having to worry about their inherent development and implementation complexities. We thank our Technology Partners, as we stand on their shoulders to deliver the magic of GreenRack™.

Tenet Computer Group Inc.

Tenet Computer Group Inc.

Previously our parent company, Tenet Computer Group Inc., has been a part of the IT industry since 1984, and we leverage their extensive experience in IT infrastructure and best practices to provide secure and reliable applications and services.

Tenet participates in the Partner programs of most major manufacturers. In addition to access to technology and knowledge, these long established partnerships give us a close working relationship and the ability to escalate if necessary.


Powered by Microsoft Windows Azure

GreenRack™ runs on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud, taking advantage of its Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) features. Azure gives us the ability to very quickly scale up or down as usage varies, eliminates the need to own or manage an IT infrastructure, provides redundancy, and facilitates global high-speed access. In short, it allows us to offer a full-featured service at a very reasonable price.
GreenRack™ has been tested and validated as a Microsoft Platform Ready application (id = 221778).

Mobile Device Vendors

Although GreenRack™ does not require a local app installed, we do need to test and work around the peculiarities of the different mobile devices and platforms.

Augmented Reality Providers

We integrate with the back-end systems of the major AR providers in order to push data overlays to be displayed in Augmented Reality browsers of mobile devices.

Large Screen Vendors

A typical use case for GreenRack™ is in the provision of content that is displayed in large screens in public areas, such as lobbies, trade show floors, showrooms, etc. Typically our Market Value Partners will provide all required equipment and subsidiary software.

Through our Partner company, Tenet Computer Group Inc., we have access to the latest display technology, which allows us to test and if necessary facilitate the provision of equipment.

Natural User Interface Vendors

The roadmap for GreenRack™ includes the use of NUI’s to allow for more natural interactions between end-users and the content-delivery vehicles. For example, we are testing the use of motion sensing and finger and eye tracking technologies, which can also be used for more inclusive designs Inclusive design is an approach to the design of devices and services in which designers ensure that their products and services address the needs of the widest possible audience, irrespective of age or ability. that accommodate people with disabilities.