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We are often asked if it's better to use QR Codes or NFC tags. The easy answer would be to always use both, e.g. a combo QR Code with an NFC tag attached to it. However, the real answer is that it depends on the use-case scenario, so here we'll go over some of the differences and typical use cases of both technologies.
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Installing a QR Code Scanning App

Quick Response (QR) Codes make it easier for mobile end-users to access information or perform functions with their device without having to read instructions or type commands. And they are universally supported in all smartphones and tablets.

In order to read a QR Code you need to have a QR Code scanning app installed in your mobile device. Some devices come with a factory installed QR Code app (e.g. SmartTags in BlackBerry v7 and v10).

To find and install a QR app in other mobile devices, click the following link and watch the instructions provided in the short, 35-second video that corresponds to your smartphone or tablet:

>>> How To Guides: Installing a QR Code App on your Smartphone or Tablet <<<

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